Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Planning Tecniques: A Systematic Review

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Yina Marcela Cogollo Adán Alberto Gómez Salgado Laura Andrea Márquez García


Planning is a problem-solving method that produces an action sequence (i.e. plan) to achieve a goal. Instructional Planning is a central issue to develop adaptive educational software and Intelligent Tutoring Systems. The objective of this paper is to conduct a systematic review of planning techniques used in ITS in the last twenty years. In this review, 969 papers in 6 digital reference libraries extensively used by computer science researchers were identified. After a selection process using the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 20 relevant papers were chosen. The results present the existence of a relevant research gap. Among the retrieved papers, no document which uses Goal Reasoning-based planning techniques was found, and more specifically, no system that use the process of autonomy based on goals.

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