Manuel Caeiro
Miguel Mendoza
This paper introduces some ideas towards the definition of a data model for open lesson plans. Lesson plans are a particular kind of aggregation resource that can include other types of educational resources, particularly learning objects. From this point of view, we consider on the data model available specifications in the learning domain, such as the Learning Object Metadata standard. This Open Lesson Plan proposal is performed in the context of a Web 2.X application, Edu-AREA, aimed at supporting teaching and teaching innovation. This application enables users to manage open lesson plans as living entities during their life-cycle: from their design, till their documentation with learning results and outcomes, passing through their use during the teaching/learning activity. In Edu- AREA users can share their lesson plans and they can be copied, adapted and “curated” by other users. Based on the principles of the Open Educational Resources movement, open lesson plans are proposed as an opportunity for sharing and collaboration among users.
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